One Finger Snapping


Pieta, by Stephanie Antongiovanni

Greetings, fellow seekers on the path. I think that most people don’t really want to know the ultimate answers and are content with choosing a religion, perhaps one given to them by their parents, or whatever random events might have influenced their choice, and just sticking with it. Kudos to them. But I want to delve deeper and really follow the path to, if not the end, then at least over the looming horizon. I can see around the bend, but once there, I want to go on to the next spot. I was for a while using the word ‘labyrinth’ as a sign of where to search. This has led me on a lot of interesting highways and by ways. Maybe I am also in an actual labyrinth, a maze, and I am wondering, wandering –looking for a thread or breadcrumbs to show me the way. It sure seems like that at times. But whatever twists and turns this has led me on, I am grateful for where I ended up. I have learned many lessons, some harsh and bitter, but all worth knowing. Yet the search continues.

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