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This is the Blog of Christopher Robert Craddock who is a person, a writer, a musician, who lives in a city in California whose only claim to fame is that it was the center of a certain brash country sound that served as a retort to the slick, watered down country that came out of Nashville. Though upon his arrival he was somewhat of a snob, listenning only to Jazz, he soon grew to love country music, though he prefers the old school hard core country of Hank Williams, Lefty Frizzell, and Merle Haggard. It was always a dream of his to be a writer, and when not performing music, he does just that. There are pages on his blog for music, writing, tech and for those seekers who like Christopher are on a spiritual path for knowledge and enlightenment. This page is called One Finger Snapping, because it goes with the Zen Koan about the sound of one hand clapping. The tech page is about using computers and coding. Hey, the robots are coming! They are taking your job. Don’t become their slave. Become their master, and put them to work for you! My tech page is called Robot Aunts.

Live long and prosper! May the Force be with you.


Memoir Blog Posts

4 comments on “About Face

  1. historprez says:

    Could you tell me what happened to Pamela Rome?

  2. Seems like you could make use of this page.

    Just sayin’.

  3. I’ve lost the thread of this conversation. Or, let’s say, “conversation.”

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