Hey, Good Sulking

I have not written anything in my blog for a long time. I am just going to write whatev, to make sure I remember how to do it, or can figure out how if they changed it around. Missed the Santa Clarita WordPress Camp. Whatev. Now that I am motivated once again, it shall be once again on my top priority. Maybe some of the more enlightening seminars will be available on YouTube.

I am at Dagny’s for the Open Mic Thursday 6 to 9. My friend Crash will be performing there next week. He was not aware of the bus schedule extension, and didn’t want to have to walk home, where ever that is these days, lugging his guitar. Pablo was in the same boat, but he might be playing his saxophone at the Jazz Workshop on Tuesdays, if I can locate him and start spreading the news. The buses that are going to be running later are the 21, 22, 44, and 61.

Testing, testing. Taps mic. Is this thing on?

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