C Note

ghostridergoodbyeLast night was the Harvest Moon, usually it comes in September, but this year it was on October 1st, so, there will be a 2nd moon in October, which will be on Halloween. I guess they are saying that it will look full for 3 days in a row, so not sure if that means that it falls directly on Halloween, or close enough in horseshoes and hand grenades. But it will be a Blue Moon. Really crazy signs, and then in a few days, the election. Just to stay on the moon, for a bit now, I really like the Neil Young song, “Harvest Moon,” and I was thinking of doing a video of it with my friend Jerubbaal. He was singing like Jim Morrison, a baritone, and he could probably sing high notes as well. Especially if it was Neil Young Falsetto. I think he is like a diamond in the raw, but he still needs to practice. He claims that he is just connecting with the source and it is coming out of his mouth. But hey, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” I asked the cab driver.

“Practice,” he replied.

Come a little bit closer
| D D6 | Dmaj7 | D D6 | Dmaj7 |
Hear what I have to say
Just like children sleepin’
| D D6 | Dmaj7 | D D6 | Dmaj7 |
We could dream this night away

Yeah, I was going to do this song. I had someone in mind that I wanted to sing it to. I had found on the Internet Tabs and Chords and YouTubes that showed how to do it. The main thing was you drop your low E string down to a D. Neil does that a lot. Sometimes the high and low E string is dropped. Sometimes all the strings are dropped a whole step, so it is like if you play in E then it is really sounding like D. “Sugar Mountain” and “Cinnamon Girl” are two songs that do this.

Well, last night I went for a walk so I could see the Harvest Moon. It came up around 7 or so but you couldn’t see it until about 7:30. There is a lot of smoke in the air, from all the fires we have been having. You couldn’t see the moon until it cleared the smoke. And then, it was orange, like the Great Pumpkin. As I walked to the park, I passed by a vacant lot, and this particular lot always makes me think of The Great Pumpkin. Like, Linus would be there waiting for him to appear, clutching his security blanket. I passed by the lot and then went to Beale Park. There was a shooting there recently and there are a bunch of candles there on the curb. I kept going and then I went up to a house on Dracena and Holtby. It is a big mansion, and there are all of these really tall trees in their yard. About a week ago I saw a wake of turkey vultures there. They look like ravens, really big black ravens, but if you look closely, you see they have no feathers on their heads. They haven’t been seen since, and I read that it is because they are migrating south for the winter, and they just stopped there as a waystation on their journey.

But there’s a full moon risin’
| D D6 | Dmaj7 | D D6 | Dmaj7 |
Let’s go dancin’ in the light
We know where the music’s playin’
| D D6 | Dmaj7 | D D6 | Dmaj7 |
Let’s go out and feel the night

The moon was a little less full than the night before, and it came up about 8. It seems like it comes up about a half hour later every night. Any lunatics, moon watchers, who can verify this? The smoke made it hard to see at first, but then, there it was. Like a semi deflated orange balloon. Well, I stopped by the Laundry. They were closing but there were still a few people. I sat outside and checked Twitter on my phone, using the WiFi. Twitter is abuzz with news of the “President” having contracted Covid-19. Last night I posted some lyrics and pictures from John Lennon’s “Instant Karma” and also “My Sharona,” from The Knack. Then I had to post pictures of Winona Ryder and Janene Garaffolo dancing in the mini mart to the song in Reality Bites, from 1995. Not really wishing harm on anyone, but I had to mention Karma, because, well, after trying to ignore it and being responsible for 207,000 deaths so far, it could be like, you know — Karma. While sitting by the laundry, I thought I heard 3 shots. Also there was a domestic dispute across the street, and someone was getting kicked to the curb. Not from a car, from a house. Anyway, my phone rang and it was an unknown number, so I didn’t answer it, but then they left a message and it sounded like my drunk ex wanting to know if we were rehearsing tonight. Wow. I had said something about doing the song, but I never expected that she would think I was inviting her to the rehearsal.

A7sus4 A7
Because I’m still in love with you
I want to see you dance again
Because I’m still in love with you
[ D ]
On this harvest moon.

Yeah. This song made me think of her, and I think I mentioned it because I wanted her to see the video, like we were singing it to her. But I no longer feel like that. I am not still in love with her. I have given up on her completely. We used to do a song called “If the World Was Ending, You’d Come Over, Right?” In this song two people lament that they are not ready for a forever commitment, but if the world was ending, then they would hook up. I used to think that we had this kind of deal, but now I realize that I am the last person she would want to spend her final days with. Neil Young sang about a relationship that was over. OK. He was still in love with her, and he wanted to see her dance again. But it is my understanding that their deal was over. If you play this song, you can do a little lick using harmonics. That is where you just barely touch the string and you get these high crystalline sounds.

When we were strangers
| D D6 | Dmaj7 | D D6 | Dmaj7 |
I watched you from afar
When we were lovers
| D D6 | Dmaj7 | D D6 | Dmaj7 |
I loved you with all my heart.
But now it’s gettin’ late
| D D6 | Dmaj7 | D D6 | Dmaj7 |
And the moon is climbin’ high
I want to celebrate
| D D6 | Dmaj7 | D D6 | Dmaj7 |
See it shinin’ in your eye.

All right, but you know, while I was there sitting outside the laundry, using their WiFi, I saw that Halsey had a new song called “I’m Not Mad.” I wanted to hear that song, so I listened to it, and there was an animation of the lyrics. I was under the impression that the video was basically Halsey writing the words and illustrating it with little sketches. This song was more like how I felt than either “If the World Was Ending” or “Harvest Moon.” Like I am not mad, but I am not wanting to get back together, ever. And I mean it this time. Not like all the other times where she could just waltz right in and I welcomed her with open arms.

I’m not even mad anymore
No, really, I ain’t even mad anymore
Yeah, I don’t even want you back anymore
I don’t remember what we had anymore, yeah
I hope your back aches and your knees hurt
I hope you think about me sleepin’ in your T-shirt
I hope your little brother turns out to be nothing like you
I hope that you hurt more than I do

And honestly, I still wish you nothing but the best
I know that you’re still self-obsessed
I hear the wicked get no rest
But when you do, I hope you dream of me

All right. But I continue working on my guitar ideas, and today was Friday, so I practiced playing E half diminished to A7 flat 9 to D minor, and Bb half diminished to Eb7 flat 9 to Ab minor. I found some really cool voicings, and one way is using minor triads and the other is using the chord voicings that I named after my siblings. They are really useful. I wish I could explain to my actual siblings all the ways that these voicings can be used.

Finally, I was playing my soprano sax, that I just got back from getting repairs at Nick Rail Music, and was somewhat dismayed to find that the key you lift up to play the C had a spring missing or something, as it would just lethargically raise but not enough to get the note to sound in tune. Darn it. I thought they had done a great job but they missed this important element. Guess it’s going back to the shop. I would try to work around it, but too many songs use that note. I just paid a C note to get my horn fixed. Ironic that the C note isn’t working now.

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