Hell in a Hand Bucket


Who has been on this little ride?

All right, so I didn’t write 2,020 words today. Guess I’m just a poser. Not a real writer. Well, I did practice stuff in D & Ab. Let’s see. Last night I posted a long blog post about music. I am thinking of this kind of writing, how it is not really meant for anyone because it is full of jargon and also my own private lingo about how I remember chords and scales. Like, sometimes I look at my old notebooks, and even I don’t understand what I was saying. But this stuff is understandable to me, but maybe not to other people. I was thinking about writing a music book about some of my concepts but instead I am writing these posts. I kind of need to get it off my plate so I can move on to other things. I also want to document the ideas because they are good ideas even if no one else understands them. If I wrote the ideas down in a really good music manual that distills everything down and makes it understandable, then you could just read the book and know everything I learned only after years of study. I don’t think you can just download all the information. If you follow on your own path of discovery, then you will really know the material. Well, yeah. I read books and get a lot of information out of books, but then I try to understand it for myself, and look for other ideas that maybe aren’t in books. So, it seems kind of futile to write a book about the guitar, as if I could market it and it would be a shortcut to learning an instrument and also having your own ideas. This is not making much sense, if you think my music posts are gibberish. Well, what I mean to say is that I don’t know if other people will be able to get anything out of my writing about music and music theory but I am nevertheless compelled to write it anyway. I want to document my own ideas so that I will be able to remember them. All that thinking thinking thinking I have done, how could I remember any of it if I don’t write it down. The other thing is that I had a lot of trouble posting last night, the one called The Yinyang. I think that I was having a problem getting the picture of Spock to upload and I aborted in the middle. This caused my whole blog to get severely messed up and I couldn’t see if any of my previous posts were even there. I was in the bardo state. Limbo, and I don’t mean the dance where you have to go under a pole. I think the issue has resolved, but I wanted to post something just to see if it was back to normal and working again.

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