‘Stead of Ghostin’ Him

Cinderella? Ariana is a total Titania. Ariana Grande and Mac Miller saw Ariana as a kind of Cinderella, but had they been more familiar with Literature, they would have seen that she was a total Titania. In William Shakespeare’s play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Titania is the Queen of the Fairies who falls in love with Nick Bottom, an amateur actor and weaver, who Puck has given the head of an ass as a prank. Puck then doses the sleeping Titania with a love potion that will cause her to fall in love with the first creature she sees upon awakening. That would be Bottom, who is not only a terrible actor, but also now has the head of an ass!
If Pete Davidson’s and Ariana’s management aren’t having lunch at this very moment discussing mounting a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in time for the next solstice, they should all be fired!

Pete and Ariana have already broken up and there are tons of articles discussing and analyzing the failed relationship of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, so I won’t go into it more than necessary — but a quick summary is that Ariana was in love with rapper Mac Miller but was forced to break it off due to his drug addiction and related issues. She fell into a rebound situation with comedian Pete Davidson, they were engaged, though she still harbored feelings for Mac Miller. Miller subsequently died of a drug overdose. Pete found himself competing with a ghost. Ariana woke up from her enchantment and realized that she was in love with an image she had created in her mind, not an actual person. Pete was devastated but knew it was too good to be true. He had gone along for the ride, but it must have hurt when she ended it. The rudest of awakenings.

Still, he must have known it wasn’t going to work. Not since Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett has there been such a mismatch. It was a classic Nick Bottom/Titania situation.


Captain of our fairy band,
Helena is here at hand,
And the youth, mistook by me,
Pleading for a lover’s fee.
Shall we their fond pageant see?
Lord, what fools these mortals be!

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act 3, scene 2, 110–115
~ William Shakespeare

I actually think that Ariana and Pete are both very talented, just like Lyle and Julia were, but not a match. No love connection that could be sustained over a long period of time. Just saying that Pete was not Ariana’s Lobster, though he was for sure her Bottom.

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