Do Androids

Do Androids Dream of Eclectic Swipes?

robotants_200Does anyone have a CoolPad Android phone that just won’t answer when it rings, except sporadically? Like, I swipe and I swipe, but no answer and I have to call them back. Maybe I want to screen them anyway, but it is very frustrating. Looking online for answers, I was unable to find my issue addressed in any forum, or againstum, for that matter. The phone was purchased at Walmart for $37 and my service provider is Virgin. They have really terrible tech support in Mumbai where people pretend to have English names, and they speak with Indian accents — makes me mad as we have plenty of idiots here in the US that could use the work — me for instance. They are nice, polite, and generally know how the phones work, but something is lost in translation. I get frustrated. Then, there are those AI robots that you have to run the gauntlet through — don’t even know what that word means anymore, but you know, press this button if you want that, that button if you want this. It is frustration plus.

So, anyway, if anyone has a CoolPad phone, if anyone is unfortunate enough to possess such a POS phone, and has some insight into how to adjust it, or a trick to get it to answer, then please reply.



Frustrated in Bakersfield

One comment on “Do Androids

  1. I can hardly keep up with all your posts.

    Maybe you’ll get more response on Twitter?


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