Houston, we have a problem

julieishername200So, anyway, I am at Dagny’s and I have to write quick because they are shutting down soon. OK. They shut it down early because of their Staff Holiday Party. Alison, Skye, Kelsey, Annie, Trenton, Christian, Stacey, et al will be there, I suppose. So I left and then I went to Barnes & Noble Café.

All that was foretold in my dream has come to pass. I am flabbergasted, enthralled, and discombobulated, but all in a good way. It’s all good. I have found a singer and she is just what I was looking for in a singer. If anything, she is TOO EAGER, but prior to her I was plagued with lazy divas.

But no more. Or ditzy divas. Houston, we DON’T have a problem. Julie Houston is a new singer that I found and I want to work with her so I was trying to keep things on a professional level. But it is hard. To do that. I am trying to think of a word that describes her, and the only one I can come up with is squirtatious. But that’s not a real word. Nevertheless, it is the very best word I can come up with.

Just the other day I was thinking of Julie London, and I was trying to find a record of hers that I saw in Going Underground record store downtown. I saw it there and I went back to get it but someone else had it. Le sigh. It was called:

Julie is her name

Which is really funny because this Julie’s last name is Houston, and she wanted to sing “Cry Me A River” and “Bye Bye Blackbird.” Those are both tunes that Julie London recorded, some of her best known tunes:

You drove me, nearly drove me out of my head
While you never shed a tear
Remember, I remember all that you said
Told me love was too plebeian
Told me you were through with me and
Now you say you love me
Well, just to prove you do
Come on and cry me a river, cry me a river
I cried a river over you
I cried a river over you
I cried a river over you

Yeah, so I like any song that uses the word, “plebeian,” or maybe “substantiate” — any unusual word that a songwriter can throw in without it seeming forced.

There is a trombone player named Izzy Foster that sang recently at the Bakersfield Jazz Workshop, where I play every Tuesday from 6:30 to 7:30. She sang that song, and while I really enjoy her singing, I was wishing I could hear either Julie London, or Julie Houston (though I hadn’t met her at the time) do it, and also I think that Izzy left out the word “plebeian.” That would be like doing “Moon River” without the line, “my Huckleberry friend,” which they tried to make Johnny Mercer remove– but he refused — and of all the hundreds of songs he wrote, that is the one phrase that is his most remembered.

The Dagny’s Open Mic on most Thursdays from 6 to 9 is a very romantic spot. First of all, Lauren Victoria started it on Valentine’s Day, playing with the superb guitarist Kyle Appleton. About a week later, they were married, and then their band, The Appletons, got too busy with gigs that paid actual money, and recording, etc., that Lauren turned it over to Kelsey Sill. Ever since then it has been a very lucky and romantic spot, with people hooking up right and left. With musicians and romantic partners. I have seen a lot of people get up and do a shaky first performance only to hone their skills and come back with a fantastic show.

Though I have yet to meet anyone special — well, don’t want to jinx it or anything, (maybe I have met someone, I just don’t know it yet). 

And THAT would be a true Christmas Miracle.

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