Non-Stop Neurotic Cabaret

schroeder_piano_by_bradsnoopy97_dabk9y7-fullviewWell, there is just one problem with Sean de León & the Séance. Or maybe not really one problem, but several. The “band” never has time to rehearse. Or is too lazy. Take your pick. So here is what I want to do: I am going to start a new band with this singer I found called Julie. She showed up at the Open Mic at Dagny’s. Well, actually it was the Poetry Open Mic on First Friday at Dagny’s. Anyway, she got up with her guitar and sang a few original songs. She had a really good voice. Her songs were nice, too, though her chords were kind of basic. But she wanted to learn and she wanted me to teach her. I told her I was the music director at a church. So I needed her, I told her, in all honesty, to sing in my choir. But I am getting ahead of the story.

Back to the First Friday Poetry Open Mic at Dagny’s and the raging kegger afterparty at Ming’s Cafe at 20th and L (just walk down 20th and go to L. Take a left, and there you are). Well, we had a big party there for the poets, and Julie came and brought her guitar, and I played a few songs. I didn’t have a pick, but I played anyway, with my fingers. But then Isaiah Morfin, of Izzy & the Fins, the alto sax virtuoso, somehow had stumbled in, after busking christmas carols to the First Friday downtown crowd, and he regaled us with some carols, and a few beverlys, and he really wailed.

All right. So I got Julie’s email and invited her to the Thursday Open Mic, which was started by Lauren Appleton on Valentine’s Day, and has always been a place where romantic meet cutes occur. I am watching Lauren and her husband, Kyle, right now playing a pub show at Temblor. Anyway, I emailed Julie, but didn’t hear back, but when I showed up at the Open Mic, she showed up, but was too late to get on the list. She finally did get to play one song, right before the end. Then we went somewhere to talk. Tiki Ko. Sandrini’s. And then . . .

To Be Continued!

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