Color me WordImpressed

Alan's Ant_200

Picture by A. C. Nicoll 2019 

What is going on in the tech world? I went to a meeting for WordPress bloggers, who are all kind of tech geeks, and Mike Pilley just returned from WordCamp in St. Louis, and he had a lot to share. In lieu of taking notes, I copied some of the links of the things he showed us:

Matt M.


Gatsby, Graph QL, WP Engine for hosting

My friend got a tablet and he used it to do the ant graphic. Here is a link to his blog:


I will update this post as time permits: TTFN

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3 comments on “Color me WordImpressed

  1. Thank you for posting this. I’d prefer it without the (c), since it’s a copy of someone else’s original. Also, a link to my blog would be nice:


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