Moonday Gong Show

pieta0200Every Monday for the past quite a while I have gone to a Meditation Session at Inner BodyWorks Yoga Studio that starts at 7:15 PM. OK, I might have missed a few when I became unaccountably discombobulated (as I am wont to do) but for someone like me who is so easily distracted by any shiny object, squirrel or whatever, very few. Yes, I have been a loyal follower of this meditation session since it began. At first, I and my guru, Lindsay Sharp, were the only two souls attending. She assured me that she wouldn’t cancel just because it was just we two. That was a relief because I have abandonment issues from the last free meditation session I was going to, where she complained that she was doing it for a year or so, and I was the only one who had shown up in all that time, and that just wasn’t good enough for her, not to mention the overhead of renting a downtown office with no or very few clients. Also, I think she might have been creeped out when I showed her my imaginary girlfriend, a punk rock porcupine. Well excuse me, she said she believed in spirit guides and spirit animals. Hmmmm? Maybe she was thinking like I was trying to get free psychoanalysis — which I was, to be quite Frank Sinatra. But who isn’t these days?

Seems like everyone is in some kind of 12 Step Program, and I wish I could find one that fits my particular malady. Also¬† been dying to get to that 13th Step. The one they don’t tell you about until you have passed the final exam. Well, I did find a sponsor, and now a word from our sponsor:

All right, I don’t have a word from my sponsor, and to be perfectly Frank Sinatra, my sponsor doesn’t know he is my sponsor — yet. But he asked me to join his Church and then he took me out to lunch at Sizzler. So it’s all good. We even sealed the deal with soft serve ice cream. Chocolate, Chocolate & Vanilla Swirl, or plain Vanilla. And they were out of everything else but Chocolate, so Chocolate it was.

But wait — there’s more! But more will have to wait. I was supposed to tell you about the Monday Meditation Session. OK. Yeah. It was pretty good. There was one very attractive young couple that I don’t believe I’ve seen before, and there was Earl and Rachel, who I have seen before. Sean from Salt 7even Float Studio came. He is a wild and crazy guy who plays the Didgeridoo. I am glad he came. All right, so Lindsay went to this retreat in Spain with her Mediyoga teacher Helen Lynch who showed her how to kick the gong around. Yes, that was part of the Meditation practice. This gong that gives off healing vibrations when caressed properly with the mallett. When Lindsay got back from Spain she went to Hollywood, Los Angeles, one of those metropolitan places that sells gongs to all the studio musicians, hipsters, and movie stars with expensive hobbies. So, Lindsay has been finishing the meditation sessions with this gong, and it is really groovy, if I may slip back into the parlance of a bygone era. So after we heard the Gong Show, I whipped out my ukulele and played a little “Bye Bye Blackbird” and then some “House of the Rising Sun.” This ukulele had a little bit of a low action situation and it clipped when I tried to play the C note in the F7 chord. Bummer. But anyway, I made do. I borrowed the uke from my sister, but next time, I’ll bring the famous purple ukulele that my daddy gave me.

When it was time to go, we all, Lindsay, Sean, and I, malingered. It was such a beautiful night with a full moon due that morning at 5:30 AM. It was already shining like a big old soup spoon. Man, the moon looked magnificent. So, we went to the float studio. It was actually connected to the yoga studio, because the building has a lot of different subsections and what not. This float studio is a sensory deprivation thing where you float in the dark in salt water. I have never tried it but someday I plan to. We were going to do it, but then, we ended up taking a shamanic journey that I couldn’t really describe, but it was really, as Lindsay texted me the next day, a really cool experience. So there.


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