Bye Bye Blackberry


Saint John Coltrane

I took a ride in a taxi and then I left my phone. It was an older model that actually had a miniature keyboard like a Blackberry. I eschwed the touch screen, though I was given a second phone, an Android, and  was gettting more used to it. But anyway, my old phone had a little tiny keyboard like a typewriter, and it made me feel like a giant. Like when you get espresso in one of those little cups. It was good for texting — much better than the flip phone I had previously. Texting on that was cumbersome and dumb. You had to hit the key three times for some letters, because there weren’t enough keys. But even though it had more keys, they were so small that it was easy to slip off and accidentally hit the key next door.

Anyway, I have a new phone, and I was able to keep my old number. Damn, Daniel (that was the cab driver from United or Latino cabs where  l lost my old phone). Anyway, he did warn me to make sure I had everything, but I was a bit flusterred, so I didn’t make a thorough check. The dispatcher, however, was so rude that vowed to never ride a United Cab or Latino Cab again. He was a rude MF, a liar, and it was neigh on impossible to understand what he was saying. He made Louie DePalma look like Saint Francis by comparison.

Furthermore, it took me three days to set up my new phone and swap my old number, using Virgin Mobile. Adan in Customer Service finally helped me, after hours of frustration using their online account manager. I was able to get almost to the promised land, but never could I enter. Like Moses.

But now I have my old phone number back, but I might not have your number, because it was no doubt in my old phone on a taxi cab ride to oblivion. So, call me. Sorry I’ve been off the grid, but I’m back on the grid. I’m back on the grid.

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