Gotta See My Guru


Not Dancing Tommy but a reasonable facsimile.

Well, I was at the WordPress Meetup at MESH, but I had to go see my guru about some Voo Doo. No. Seriously. It’s the Truth. I forgot my mantra. Again. She is my guru and my sponsor for Shamanic training. She just got back from Spain where she learned how to kick the gong around. Then she located a blasted soggy plane that everyone has been searching for. She got a brand new gong in LA and she will perform a Gong Show after the Meditation sesh. I actually did check in with Lindsay Sharp, AKA @el_sharp — my young guru, but she’s wise beyond her years. She has a free meditation session at Inner Body Works over by The Mark restaurant. H St and 19th, every Monday at 7 PM.

El Sharp reminds me of El Ka-Bong. A cartoon horse who carried a guitar — not to play — to hit people over the head with. Ka-Bong!!!!! So, anyway. Her name on IG reminds me of El Ka-Bong. She could be like his nemesis or something. She does sling a guitar, and sings like an angel, though her knowledge of guitar capos leaves a lot to be desired. Like she tunes it down a half-step and then capoes at the 1st fret. Why? I will be El Ka-Bong to her El Sharp. All we need is a Baba Louie.

OK, well, here’s the dealy-O. I gave her a purse that I had in my gift bag, and then split for Dagny’s to see Dancing Tommy. They are playing now. They go until 9 PM. Gabriel, Sonia, Rudy, Noah, and some rando dude playing harpoon. Not a harmonica. An actual harpoon. He pulled it out of his dirty red bandanna and started making unearthly wails with it. I can’t even describe the process. Closest thing I’ll say is ‘did you ever see a Theramin?’ It’s nothing like that. Dancing Tommy is awesome. I am going to do my interpretive dance solo next set. Whether they like it or not. Gotta put on my tutu and leotard.

Ciao, Bella!

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