Pablo K. Passcode

basquit meets jackson pollack

Basquiat meets Jackson Pollack

Hello Hello Hello. I am at Dagny’s. I missed all the people I usually see on Sundays. I am going on a road trip next week, so I will miss them again. Not that anyone would notice. But I was going to write but then I pretty much started to mess around with a drawing program, and then see if I can post the pictures on Instagram. Damn. Instagram isn’t letting me do anything. I can look at stuff and like it but I can’t comment or post. Before I was able to post pictures but I couldn’t caption. Also, I can’t follow anyone. But wait! I think I can do that stuff from my phone. But how can I get my drawing on my phone?

Well, enough of this fussing around with tech. I was able to make a drawing, and before anyone criticizes it, it is just scribbles but I was able to use layers and color pallette, and I could take an image and trace over it and then delete the image as a way to draw. It is very crude and primitive but here it is. Right up there, on my refrigerator.

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