Never Practice with a Cactus

bat_moon200I am at Starbuck’s because it is cool here, and there is free wifi, so why fight it? I was charging my laptop, but the charger wasn’t plugged in. What else? I had Fish & Chips at the bowling alley, then I hung out at Dagny’s, and I went to the Blues Jam at Front Porch Music. I saw my friend Jazz Garcia, and he gives guitar lessons. He was playing Tune Up, Stolen Moments, and A Night in Tunisia. I showed him a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore, namely, my manual on the care and maintenance of guitars with regards to the half diminished chord, and especially the demented chord with upraised root. Well, anyway, like I was saying, I am in Starbuck’s because my AC doesn’t work. Well, it is getting cooler, so I will take the long walk home. I have a bus pass but the busses aren’t running this late. Also, my new pass, well, I will get one more day out of it. So, win/win.

Yeah, don’t practice with a cactus. What I mean by that is I was watering my cactus and the quills got in my hand, and they are toxic–the needles, the pricks–but then I thought it was some kind of BeBop Stigmata and I wrote a poem about it, or started to, anyway. Had a lot of material and more on the way. But I let it get infected. You gotta respect the infection, and you know that line is going to surface in the new poem. So, I try to water the cactus, and this is the thanks I get? That’s gratitude for ya.

So, I had to lay low, had to keep a low profile, had to go on hiatus, if you will. But I will be back soon, same Bat Channel, same Bat Station.


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