Fire Cloud’s Daughter

tequilaI have a very convoluted writing style. Some would call it a random string of non sequiturs. Others would say that gives me too much credit, to even say it was a string, albeit random. I’m sure that Henry Halloran would heartily agree. But what does he know? I keep telling him that he is like the Steppenwolf in the book of the same title by Hermann Hesse. Also, that Pablo is like Pablo. We have a mutual acquaintance that is a saxophonist, who goes by the name of Pablo, though I suspect it’s a pseudonym. But I digress. Actually, I am en pointe, as the French would say. But, oh they are a funny race, they fight with their feet, while what they do with their face would make Caligula blush.

I am at Temblor, and they are playing some Jazz. “All the Things You Are,” the jazz standard by Jerome Kern. They just played the intro/outro that was tacked on by Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie, no doubt. Hakan Graff is on keyboards. He just replaced Doug Davis, or was it Dave Douglas, the professor emeritus from CSUB? Now Dr. Pat O’Connell is playing a guitar solo. Lest we forget James Russell has played a killer tenor solo. The tenor before him was Joseph Stoutmire. Haven’t been able to locate him on Google, IG, FB or Twitter. They are playing the Thelonious Monk tune now. “Blue Monk.”

OMG! They are playing a funky groove based on “Summertime,” and Hayden is rapping. He is a friend of Crimson Skye.

Now they are playing Duke Ellington’s (actually Billy Strayhorn, because he auditioned for Elligton with the tune, though the lyrics were just direction’s on how to get to Duke’s apartment in Harlem) “Take the A Train.”

So what about Fire Cloud’s Daughter? She is a very special person, and she knows who she is.

Digressions. Sometimes the digressions are the best part. It is a little distracting writing in a jazz club, but hey, although there is a chance that you might overlook it, you knew the job was dangerous when you took it.

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