Sorrow Multiplication

keanukittenWell, I linked to an article about Ian Curtis of Joy Division by Justin Hyde at the bottom of this. Kind of like bread crumbs for me to read later. My blog post is about music, what bands I am listening to lately, but also about singers, bands, and song writers that I remember from the 20th Century–the Olden Days–a Golden Era that had at least 2 magnificent peaks for songs: The Great American Songbook, with great pop songs and Broadway Show Tunes that became Jazz Standards, and the Rock Explosion and singer/songwriters, fusion, Beatlemania, etc., etc. Like Pat Metheny once said, and I paraphrase, but only slightly:

“I can pledge allegiance to both Jazz and Louie, Louie.”

Couldn’t find the quote, but here’s some crystal Metheny pats:

Pat Metheny Interview in Guitar World

These 20th Century eras overlapped. I was born right in the middle. You could say I was a late boomer. As the 21st Century progresses, it seems pale in comparison, but perhaps we are on the verge of another Music Explosion? Maybe it is happening, as we speak, but I am just too much of a fossile to notice?

Joy Division opposite =

Sorrow Multiplication

Joy Division article by Justin Hyde


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. A lot of stuff is happening. I am going to be writing and posting a lot soon. Really. I have been on a writing hiatus.

I nominated Professor Matthew Woodman to be Poet Laureate of Kern County, and he has been crowned with those well deserved laurel leaves. He also published an anthology and I had 2 poems published in it. The other thing is my guitar method is progressing. I have been working on it for a while, and I have a little thing called the Point of Diminishing Returns that has borne fruit of late. O, the harvest is wonderful. It is where you take a series of diminished chords and you raise or lower certain notes to get Dominant 7th Chords, Half Diminished Chords, and what not. It is really amazing. I will rule the Guitar World with my rediscovered ancient wisdom for ages to come. If I can only jiggle the wires in my tuner/EQ amp so my guitar works the world will look upon me with awe. Listen for my thunder at the next Thursday Night Open Mic at Dagny’s.

I am undergoing Shamanic training with Irene K, thanks to my sponsor, Lindsay Sharp. I purified Andrea N. with an egg, and she did the same to me. Mine showed a lot of filaments that signified attachments, negative energy. Yeah. Think I know some of the people that is all about. But I value my crazy people, just too much cray cray, and it brings me down. Believe me, isolation is no picnic, either. Just ask Hank Williams, asleep in the back of a powder blue Cadillac:

“Hank, are you napping? Hank? Hank? Hey, you’ve got a New Years gig! Are you going to be ready to sing tonight? Hank?”



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