First Gig of 2019

tequilaI just played a set at Temblor. I am using their WiFi to blog. Pat F. is playing drums. Joe White is singing Midnight Sun. Chromatic modulations and lyrics about an alabaster palace. I like the word alabaster, and I think it is some kind of thing you get for a 40 year wedding anniversary. Because my sister and my brother-in-law Floyd just had one, and my nephew Calvin got them a gift, but it was paper, a color called alabaster. So, not actual alabaster, but a thoughtful gift that shows great improvement for Calvin, the alabaster bastard. Paul Perez is playing tenor & C melody sax, but he is laying out on this tune. Tony Rinaldi is on keyboards. Josh F. is playing bass. He has a stand up bass, but it is a solid body. That Old Devil Called Love was what it was. I think he said the tune was sung by Tony Bennett on a tribute to Billie Holiday album. Then he did a tune that poor old Johnny Raye did that was kind of corny but it was corny in a cool way. His son Jerod White joined him on muted trumpet. Surprise, he was a kid who has been playing at the Jazz Workshop since he was an even younger kid. Weaker Than Wise seemed to be the hook. Anybody? He started with Stepping Out by Irving Berlin. His last tune was by Gus Kahn, and it was I’ll See You In My Dreams. He likes to give out bits of trivia but he omits the title sometimes. Wait? They are doing an encore. Make Me a Pallet on the Floor.

Anyway, I played a set and it went pretty good. We played Surrey With the Fringe on the Top. One Foot in the Gutter. Island Birdie. I Remember Bird, written by Leonard Feather. Birds of a feather flock together, and I got to play a solo on that one. But not on Surrey, I’m sorry to say. There are about a million horns in the 6:30 ensemble. And Izzy Foster on trombone. And Gavin on soprano sax. Also Angel played bass. He gave me a compliment. He is a very young guy who has been coming here for a while. He is getting pretty good. Oh, yeah. There was a young female who played alto but I didn’t catch her name.

So, anyway, it was a good set, and I guess there was one time when I started to play the solo on Surrey but John said he meant for the young lady alto player to do it, so I stopped. You know, I follow the tunes along and when it gets to the last turn around, I put the mouthpiece in my mouth and look at John to see if it is my turn. That is what I learned from when I used to jam with Duck in Oakland. At jam sessions you have to be aggressive, and jump in there. Like if the other horns or soloists are lost and not following where we are. But not too aggressive.

That was my first gig of 2019. And I haven’t played saxophone at all for a month or so. I used my old Conn alto, and it wasn’t as good as Richard G’s Yamaha that I was using until he claimed he needed it. But of course, he hasn’t used it and he hasn’t even gotten a reed or a mouthpiece for that matter. I think he was just mad at me because I am such a hobo. That’s cool, though. I understand, Richard my friend.

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