Hey Mr Talisman

Talisman: Sacred Cities, Secret FaithTalisman: Sacred Cities, Secret Faith by Robert Bauval

Graham Hancock is a favorite author of mine who writes about esoteric subjects but documents his research with footnotes and references. He admits to being inspired by Indiana Jones movies — but even if he puts out a lot of far-fetched theories and wild-eyed speculations, he backs it up with evidence, leaves things he can’t prove up to the reader to decide, and this book is no exception.

Hey, Mr. Talisman, tally me ‘bananas’

Talisman is basically about the Freemasons, and how they influenced the French and American Revolutions, and how they influenced the architecture of Paris, London, and Washington D.C. And all the many digressions that lead away and back to this premise. But, as Holden Caulfield observed: “Sometimes the digressions are the best part.”

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