JFK Files Released

roylichtenstein02Some of the JFK Assassination Investigation files were released, but a portion of them have been held back for 6 months for a review. After that, if they threaten national security, they may be withheld. But only in the rarest of cases. Meanwhile the pro-Trump Bone Spurious News is going nuts talking about the Christopher Steele Dossier. They think it is somehow going to backfire on the Democrats, because they are saying they may have funded it. Go ahead and have your little Weapon of Mass Distraction Fest, because it doesn’t matter, and the point is that a lot of the info is true.

Also, they are making a stink about the FEC not being properly informed, but what about Cambridge Analytica being paid $5 Million dollars? Brad Parscales is saying it was just a little mistake, but he is also saying the Trump/Russia Investigation is a Nothingburger, and he is solely responsible for Trump’s win with his artful use of Facebook. Yeah, right.

I hashtagged #dossier and found a ton of trumpbotz tweeting about it. If they think that this is somehow going to distract from Trump’s crimes they are sorely mistaken. I also see that the story is being pushed by Tucker Carlson on Fox, since certain people I am vaguely associated with watch Faux News constantly.

And wouldn’t it be funny if Ted Cruz’s dad really was in on the JFK Assassination? Or is it still too soon to find any humor in that grim tragedy? Too soon, I vote. Of course, I made the joke, but only hypothetically. And to be perfectly frank, I believe Oswald did it, and acted alone.



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