Criticism/Self Criticism

roylichtenstein02When I read my own writing, in this blog and elsewhere, I am appalled by the way I jump from one topic to the next like a chattering monkey. Is it free association? Endless digressions? Tangents? In some ways the subjects are linked, but one thing leads to another ad infinitum. Or should I say ad nauseum.

Once, in the early days of computers someone gave me a floppy disc that contained the hypertext. This was a dictionary of computer jargon, but every time a word was used in a definition, it linked to the definition of that word. You could just keep surfing it until you penetrated the core of all knowledge–or so it would seem in the early days of the Information Super-Highway. Before we discovered that all this so-called information contained a very high signal-to-noise ratio. In other words, information overload, with a healthy dose of misinformation. Your bull***t detector is overwhelmed and you start believing (or not you personally, but all those people who believe otherwise than what you believe) all kinds of crazy, off-the-wall stuff. Especially if it fits in with a pre-existing belief that you have heavily invested in and to believe otherwise would result in a high degree of cognitive dissonance. So, this whole “Information Age” is actually a chimera. A mirage. It is the era when False Beliefs overwhelm Facts. Or are in danger of doing so if we don’t get our act together pronto!

You have been warned, sayeth Jeremiah the Prophet.

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