Houston, We Have a Problem

Roy_Lichtenstein_Drowning_GirlAs none of you probably recall, “Houston, we have a problem,” is a quote from when the Apollo XIII mission ended tragically. It has been refurbished as a humorous quote that is unveiled from time to time when a project or enterprise goes horribly wrong. Kind of like, “Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?” Just saw SNL in fact, a rerun, from the Weekend Update that followed Trump’s inauguration. They joked that a performance by Three Doors Down, Toby Keith, Lee Greenwood, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in front of the Lincoln Memorial was only the second worst performance Lincoln had ever seen (they had trouble booking talent for the gig, and the worst performance for Lincoln was at the Ford Theater). For those of you who didn’t remember Apollo XIII, you probably won’t remember The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson either, but Johnny used to occasionally do Abraham Lincoln based material also, and whenever he did, it always bombed. When that happened, Carson would invariably turn to the audience, mock seriously, and intone: “Too soon.”

So, I did use the line, “Houston, we have a problem,” today on Twitter, and it might have been too soon, since they are having major floods in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The rains continue to flood Houston, and the Hurricane might even double back and hit landfall again. In my defense, I was only trying to highlight a few things that came out of this tragedy, a few bright moments to lighten the gloom. And I am not the only one who thought of it. There were at least a few others. Anyway, the tweet about Houston was a picture of Harvey the Hawk, who took refuge in a Houston taxi cab just as Hurricane Harvey was making landfill. Harvey the Hawk, once ensconced in the taxi, refused to leave. Can you imagine what his fare was 10 hours later? There is a you tube video of this that has gone viral.

It might have been too soon, but I was getting likes and retweets like crazy. I also tweeted another one that got even more. It is my biggest hit on Twitter, so far. This one was a picture of a dog carrying a bag of dog food. I read somewhere that the dog was named Otis, and he wasn’t a stray, but he was well known in the neighborhood–the only dog that was allowed to nap in front of the courthouse. This was in Sinton, Texas — not Houston –one of the other smaller towns right on the coast, that took the brunt of Hurricane Harvey, so far.


Here is the tweet from the Weather channel,  with the follow up story on what happened to Otis:

My niece, Denise Dyke lives in Austin, where she is a Real Estate Agent, and also an active dog lady. For instance, on Facebook, even with all that is going on, she is tweeting that Michael Vick shouldn’t be hired as a sportscaster. I thought she would like these Texas pictures, especially the one of Otis. I heard from my Aunt Shari, so I guess Austin is all right, hasn’t flooded yet, if it will at all, but getting quite a lot of rain:

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