Watermelon Time in Georgia

Watermelon Time in Georgia – Lefty Frizzell – Youtube

Watermelon Time in Georgia

(A) Thank you, Detroit, you treated me good
But I’ve been here longer (A7) than I should
I en-(D)-joyed the money, but I miss my honey (A) so
One (E) thing on my mind, it’s (E7) watermelon time in (A) Georgia

(A) Well it makes a country boy get down in the mouth
When his body’s up north but his (A7) hearts down south
I (D) said I’d be back; I’d better make tracks to-(A)-day
Lawdy (E) I gotta go, it’s (E7) watermelon time in (A) Georgia

(A) Daddy’s sitting in the sun, keeps the fish from having fun
My old coon dog is a (A7) wantin’ to run
And (D) I can’t reach, my little Georgia peach too (A) soon
One (E) things on my mind, it’s (E7) watermelon time in (A) Georgia

(A) So long Detroit, so long friends
If you’re ever down in Macon, won’t you (A7) please stop in?
And (D) meet the little girl, that’s always been my whole (A) world
Well, I’m (E) leaving today, it’s (E7) watermelon time in (A) Georgia

(A) Yes, I’m (E) leaving today cause it’s (E7) watermelon time in (A) Georgia

I love watermelon and I have always loved watermelon. I have fond memories of eating watermelon–especially on the 4th of July. I am eating watermelon right now, in point of fact, and I got it on the 4th of July for playing at the Westchester neighborhood annual 4th of July Parade. We had a brass band and played John Phillips Sousa marches and other patriotic tunes. I am 50% of the Woodwind Section on Alto Saxophone, and my friend Ricardo Danger is the other 50%, on Tenor Saxophone.


I can remember eating watermelon on the 4th of July so vividly that I could even pick out the plate in a line up from the china pattern. And I was only a young Turk, not even old enough to drive. Or shave. I remember my grandfather one time on a road trip, and we stopped and had ice cold watermelon at a roadside fruit stand. They had a little banquet room set up and they had tablecloths, and I could pick the tablecloths out in a line up, too, by the pattern. The watermelons in those days had big black seeds, and that was fun, spitting out the seeds, if you were eating outdoors at a picnic or what not.

I love watermelon, and besides the Lefty Frizzell song, there is also one by Mongo Santamaria–Watermelon Man.

Watermelon Man – Mongo Santamaria – Youtube

I don’t know who was first, or even if they are supposed to be the same song. The one by Herbie Hancock is a lot different. I like his other funk classics from around this era, like Chameleon, or Butterfly, with Bennie Maupin on Bass Clarinet. I noticed that tune is in the Real Book now. I am going to have to call it at the next jam session.

Anyway, speaking of Herbie, I see he is acting in the new movie, Valerian, set to come out tomorrow. I am so glad to see Herbie acting, and there is also an appearance by Rhianna, as a character called Bubbles who sings! But in character, as Bubbles, as part of the plot. I hear she is awesome. Herbie just acts, but that is really good that he got the part and I’ll bet you he does a great job. Dane Dehaan is also in it. He is the star, or co star, with an actress that I haven’t heard of yet. He is one of my favorite of the crop of actors. Dane Dehaan was in a movie about the beats and he stole every scene he was in. Luc Besson directs, and though the critics have their knives out, saying it is all dazzling surface with precious little substance, but from the sound of it, I think I am going to love it, and screw what the critics say.

















































































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