The Labyrinth

A labyrinth is kind of a maze, but it can also be a pathway that can be followed as an aid to meditation. For instance, Grace Cathedral in San Francisco has one. It is not difficult to navigate, but it does have a convoluted path with a lot of twists and turns–however, no forks or dead ends. You just keep following until you get to the center, then turn around and go back out. As you walk, you can meditate. It keeps your conscious mind occupied, but not to the point that you will be distracted from your meditation.

Wow, this is a short post–not your usual attack of explosive¬†logorrhea!!!!!

Yes, well, but one more thing. Sometimes I use the word labyrinth as a sign. It shows me instances of Synchronicity. I am reading a book and it says that Thomas Merton asked a priest for advice and his forehead was “a labyrinth of wrinkles.” Synchronicity. That was in the final boarding stages of The Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton. It is like Groucho’s secret word from You Bet Your Life. Whenever I see that word anywhere, or see an actual labyrinth, I think, ‘Hey. God just winked at me.’

Like, I was in the library and came across The Seduction of the Minotaur by Anais Nin. The Minotaur was a mythical beast who guarded the labyrinth. So maybe I should read this book. It’s not that long. I open it at random and find that the heroine abandons classical music and becomes a jazz pianist. Another wink. I’m reading this.

Ciao, bella.

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