Here Today, Gone to Maui

My brother Kevin called me from Maui where he and his wife Ann live, with Ready, Itsy Bitsy, 50 Shades, Le Chat Noir, and Saiman (their five cats), along with about 100 geckos. Can’t forget the 100 geckos. OK, about the cats: I made up some of the names, or embellished the existing names, but there was a black cat, a red head, a gray cat, a small cat, and one that looked like a noodle, so they named it after Saiman, which is a noodle in a soup that is the Official State Dish of Hawaii. It is like Pho, or perhaps somewhere between Pho and Chow Mein. It includes elements from Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Hawaiian and Portuguese cultures. Inspired by Japanese ramen, Chinese mein, and Filipino pancit, saimin was improved during Hawaii’s plantation era.

Kevin had just gone surfing with a friend of our brother, Don. Don had to work today because he took time off from his printing press job to hang out with his girlfriend who was visiting from California. The other day my sister Joanie and my sister Nancy went horseback riding. My sister suffers from asthma, and sub pulmonary function, so I asked if the horses had bothered her and brought on any respiratory ailments. Keven Won Ken-obi said that the air is pretty clear, and also there is a great reduction in the level of stress while you are on vacation in such an idyllic setting. So, she experienced no symptoms.

All the women are having a girl’s day, doing something or other that frankly I forgot just as soon as he told me, but I vaguely pictured them having pedicures, spa treatments, or shopping. They are also going to a play tonight, the musical, The Addam’s Family. As it turns out, on such a tiny island, the choreographer is Kevin and Ann’s neighbor. It’s a small world, and an even smaller island.

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