In the Mystic Garden

My sister was in a good mood and she insisted — no, DEMANDED — that I listen to a song. That is usually my move, or I insist that she listen to a quote from a book. Anyway, she wanted me to listen to a song from Bob Dylan’s album Modern Times. The song was a good song, but it was nine minutes long. She wanted me to listen for a certain part that doesn’t come until the last verse. The song is called “Ain’t Talkin’.” The chorus goes “ain’t talk in’, just walk in’ as he saunters through a wide array of images, refusing to make any linear sense whatsoever, though of course very evocative and poetic. There is a Mystic Garden mentioned right at the start, and this could refer to my sister’s fabled Tortoise Forest. If only. Because I had to go to the bathroom. Really bad. And it is hard to understand Dylan sometimes. So what was the part she wanted me to hear?

Finally, just before I died, I heard him say he was walking with a toothache in his heel. Well, I had a toothache recently, and before that I had a pain in my foot, really bad. So, I guess that was what she had in mind. But it was the final verse of a nine minute song. Guess I had it coming, my karmic payback for all the times I had made her listen to stuff.

Here is a link to the song on NPR with a really insightful article about the song:

“Ain’t Talkin'”

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