Hey, Good Lookin’

“Hey, Good Lookin'” is a song by Hank Williams. It was released in June of 1951, but it was based on a Cole Porter song with a similar idea and melody from 1942. Though Cole Porter has written a ton of memorable tunes Hank’s version of this song is the one that is remembered. It has been covered by numerous artists but again, it is Hank’s version that is remembered best.

What makes this particular Hank Williams song perfect for Jimmy Fallon’s Truck Playlist is that in the bridge it says, “I’ve got a flat bed Ford and a two dollar bill, and I know a spot right over the hill. There’s soda pop and the dancin’ is free, so if you want to have fun, come along with me.”

A flat bed Ford is a pick up truck. This is one of the earliest mentions of a pick up truck in a Country song. So, not only is it a song built on a pick up line, it also specifically names a pick up truck, and invites the listener to come along for a ride. So, who wouldn’t want to come along with Hank or Jimmy and ride in their truck? I mean, come on: Free soda pop.

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