Tony, Tony, Tony, Award, Award, Award!

I am watching The Tony Awards and it is very entertaining, even though I haven’t seen any of the plays and musicals. Hugh Jackman, LL Cool J and another rapper (PI or TI, I am not really up on rappers) just did the opening number of The Music Man as a rap, but then it always was a rap.

Now Neil Patrick Harris is accepting his Tony for Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Doogie is winning a Tony. Barney Simpson is winning a Tony. This is Legend–wait for it–dery!

Hugh Jackman is doing a great job as host. Of course, he is no Neil Patrick Harris. Audra McDonald has won her 6th Tony for a play about Billie Holiday, Lady Day at the Emerson Bar & Grill. Going to have to get to Broadway and see that ASAP. She gave the best, most emotional acceptance speech. It would be fun to do a slightly exaggerated impression. Maybe the new SNL cast member? She was sobbing and her nostril flared like California Chrome losing at Belmont. She thanked her parents for not giving her medication for her hyperactivity as a child. After just now winning her 6th Tony Award (and she also has 2 Grammys) she is now Legend–wait for it–dery!

OMG, Hedwig and the Angry Inch just won another Tony. Woody Allen’s Bullets Over Broadway is now a Broadway Musical, with Zach Braff. The musical number is pretty good. “Ain’t Nobody’s Business” is an old song, but the guy is singing it really well, and tap dancing with a cast of tap dancing chorus boys that all look like gangsters. On a side note, this was a song that Billie Holiday used to sing.

Now Jackman is dancing with the nominees for best female lead in the audience. He has a song for each one, to the tune of Irving Berlin’s “Stepping Out.” The girl who played Carole King won and she is so excited. She is thanking Carole King who is sitting in the audience.

I feel like a Tony Winner trying to thank all the little people who made my win possible. In other words, this was a really fun Tony Awards program, but there were more highlights in it than in Ryan Seacrest’s hair do. Bottom line: Hugh Jackman has entered the pantheon of Legend–wait for it–dery Tony Hosts.

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